Wednesday, March 20, 2013

'Survivor Man' Les Stroud talks about his Bigfoot encounters!

While the case for Bigfoot's existence continues to get stronger, many still believe Bigfoot to be a hoax or a case of mistaken identity. But, you wont convince Survivor Man Les Stroud that Bigfoot is a myth. Not only is he a believer, he has had two encounters of his own! Watch his interview below to hear about his amazing story.

The US and Russian Government believe...

It seems the U.S. government didn't want to take any chances. According to a recently uncovered memo issued in 1959 by the U.S. Embassy in Nepal, there were a set of regulations specifically for the American expeditions searching for the Yeti near Mt. Everest. I’ll bet those men weren't wearing skinny jeans either. Academics in Russia also take the matter seriously. Dr. Igor Burtsev of Kemerovo State University and about 30 other scientists, recently established a Yeti research institute following an expedition to southern Siberia where the locals claim the beasts are devouring livestock.Stories abound in this region about a creature referred to as an almasti that is identical to the Bigfoot which is spotted throughout North America.

Denying the possible existence of giant primates also contradicts what we know about prehistory. Anthropologists have identified the remains of primates like the gigantopithecus, which is estimated to have been 8-9 feet tall and lived contemporary with homo erectus and modern humans. Although most scientists believe that Gigantowalked on all fours, others observe the shape of the jawbone and believe the windpipe entered through the bottom of the skull. This would facilitate an erect posture. In other words, it may have walked upright.

Furthermore, estimates of Giganto’s brain are comparable to ours. Since giant apes with big brains have lived before, why is it difficult to believe that similar creatures may still exist? The mountain gorilla of Africa was considered a myth until it’s discovery in 1902. Descriptions and photographic evidence we have of Bigfoot make it probable that it’s brain may be twice the size of the gorilla. Isn't it reasonable to assume that a small population could avoid detection 99.9% of the time? Watch the video below for more on giganto.

What I've briefly outlined here won't convince most skeptics who have their minds made up. But for those of you who are willing to take what I've said here and do your own research you might begin to see where the notion of these large ape species isn't far fetched at all.  In fact the belief in these creatures is an accepted part of nature from the perspective of virtually every indigenous group on the planet. Among these people there is no debate. Taking this into perspective and the historical belief in Bigfoot the world over, the skeptics are actually in the minority. Open your eyes and do your homework.

Real men hunt Bigfoot!

Chasing monsters has been a time-honored tradition since civilization began and I love a good monster hunt. It's one of my passions.  But seeking a close encounter with a “manimal” isn't for the nancy-boys who game their lives away playing video games. After all, real men hunt Bigfoot.  It requires, a willingness to navigate some of the roughest terrain and endure all types of weather conditions, not to mention primitive living conditions. My own research has taken me to some of the most isolated places in the United States often miles from pavement or any cell signal. The hunt is no place for those who aren't committed. It takes a dedicated explorer.

 I want to be clear on one final item. I may carry weapons on virtually every investigation I conduct. But  I don’t support killing  a Bigfoot to prove their existence. My use of the word hunter is my own way of rebelling against those who hate the term "Bigfoot hunter" because of the predatory connotation but really don't care. Monster hunter just sounds more exciting.  Now I also realize a handful (more like 30+) are rumored to have been shot by people over the years who felt they were in danger and even by a few rednecks.  But like most researchers my partner and I are mainly seeking high quality video evidence and heat-mapping activity so the weapons we carry are purely for self-defense from hostile creatures other than Bigfoot. You don’t bring a 10 pound bucket of chittlins into the wilderness to attract bunnies. Both bears and cougars have even been reported in some of the areas where I go, so firepower is a must. Besides, some in the field are beginning to discuss the idea that BF isn't a "normal" critter and as of February of 2013 I began investigating some cases which point in that direction. I'll be filling everyone in on my latest research involving a connection between UFO's a Bigfoot in a later post but as of now I'm chasing down leads and witnesses which can be a slow process.

Keep exploring!