Friday, March 6, 2015

New shoes for the expedition rig!

I may have taken a break from writing on this blog for a while to work on the Ghost Hunters Guide to Seville,but I haven't stopped exploring and gearing up for adventure and improving my equipment.

33x10.50/r15 tires are the perfect fit.
Every off-road enthusiast and overlanding explorer knows that the shoes on your particular rig mater for a number of reasons. The first of such reasons is traction and durability to as not to get stuck or pop a tire while in the backcountry and second is to provide adequate ground clearance to navigate rugged terrain and access the inaccessible. As you can see by the photos I've added a set of 33x10.5/15 B.F. Goodrich All-Terrain tires to my Montero. This had given me about 2 inches of increased ground clearance (measured as the distance between my axles and the ground) and improved tremendously the off-road capability of this vehicle in virtually any terrain or condition. As a matter of fact I had the chance to test them yesterday morning immediately after they were installed. This tire is famous among wheelers and explorers alike for being among the toughest tires available for expedition vehicles and have been tested in some of the planets most inhospitable areas.

Testing the Monty's snow-wheeling capability