Wednesday, March 20, 2013

'Survivor Man' Les Stroud talks about his Bigfoot encounters!

While the case for Bigfoot's existence continues to get stronger, many still believe Bigfoot to be a hoax or a case of mistaken identity. But, you wont convince Survivor Man Les Stroud that Bigfoot is a myth. Not only is he a believer, he has had two encounters of his own! Watch his interview below to hear about his amazing story.

The US and Russian Government believe...

It seems the U.S. government didn't want to take any chances. According to a recently uncovered memo issued in 1959 by the U.S. Embassy in Nepal, there were a set of regulations specifically for the American expeditions searching for the Yeti near Mt. Everest. I’ll bet those men weren't wearing skinny jeans either. Academics in Russia also take the matter seriously. Dr. Igor Burtsev of Kemerovo State University and about 30 other scientists, recently established a Yeti research institute following an expedition to southern Siberia where the locals claim the beasts are devouring livestock.Stories abound in this region about a creature referred to as an almasti that is identical to the Bigfoot which is spotted throughout North America.

Denying the possible existence of giant primates also contradicts what we know about prehistory. Anthropologists have identified the remains of primates like the gigantopithecus, which is estimated to have been 8-9 feet tall and lived contemporary with homo erectus and modern humans. Although most scientists believe that Gigantowalked on all fours, others observe the shape of the jawbone and believe the windpipe entered through the bottom of the skull. This would facilitate an erect posture. In other words, it may have walked upright.

Furthermore, estimates of Giganto’s brain are comparable to ours. Since giant apes with big brains have lived before, why is it difficult to believe that similar creatures may still exist? The mountain gorilla of Africa was considered a myth until it’s discovery in 1902. Descriptions and photographic evidence we have of Bigfoot make it probable that it’s brain may be twice the size of the gorilla. Isn't it reasonable to assume that a small population could avoid detection 99.9% of the time? Watch the video below for more on giganto.

What I've briefly outlined here won't convince most skeptics who have their minds made up. But for those of you who are willing to take what I've said here and do your own research you might begin to see where the notion of these large ape species isn't far fetched at all.  In fact the belief in these creatures is an accepted part of nature from the perspective of virtually every indigenous group on the planet. Among these people there is no debate. Taking this into perspective and the historical belief in Bigfoot the world over, the skeptics are actually in the minority. Open your eyes and do your homework.

Real men hunt Bigfoot!

Chasing monsters has been a time-honored tradition since civilization began and I love a good monster hunt. It's one of my passions.  But seeking a close encounter with a “manimal” isn't for the nancy-boys who game their lives away playing video games. After all, real men hunt Bigfoot.  It requires, a willingness to navigate some of the roughest terrain and endure all types of weather conditions, not to mention primitive living conditions. My own research has taken me to some of the most isolated places in the United States often miles from pavement or any cell signal. The hunt is no place for those who aren't committed. It takes a dedicated explorer.

 I want to be clear on one final item. I may carry weapons on virtually every investigation I conduct. But  I don’t support killing  a Bigfoot to prove their existence. My use of the word hunter is my own way of rebelling against those who hate the term "Bigfoot hunter" because of the predatory connotation but really don't care. Monster hunter just sounds more exciting.  Now I also realize a handful (more like 30+) are rumored to have been shot by people over the years who felt they were in danger and even by a few rednecks.  But like most researchers my partner and I are mainly seeking high quality video evidence and heat-mapping activity so the weapons we carry are purely for self-defense from hostile creatures other than Bigfoot. You don’t bring a 10 pound bucket of chittlins into the wilderness to attract bunnies. Both bears and cougars have even been reported in some of the areas where I go, so firepower is a must. Besides, some in the field are beginning to discuss the idea that BF isn't a "normal" critter and as of February of 2013 I began investigating some cases which point in that direction. I'll be filling everyone in on my latest research involving a connection between UFO's a Bigfoot in a later post but as of now I'm chasing down leads and witnesses which can be a slow process.

Keep exploring!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Inside the Haunted Hospital of Murfreesboro

The Haunted Hospital of Murfreesboro

With the old Middle Tennessee Medical Center of Murfreesboro Tennessee now completely destroyed it’s a good time to share about my investigation of a place that I consider one of Murfreesboro’s most haunted. After all they can't sue me for trespassing in a place that isn't there right? At least I hope not.

Originally built in the 1920’s, it saw its share of patients come and go. However, some of these patients, it seems, have never actually left. Several medical professionals who worked at the hospital have witnessed things that can only be described as paranormal. They will share accounts of everything from objects floating across the hallways to ghosts that come to visit dying patients in the cancer ward.

My own experiences with the hospital are also quite eerie. In fact, while in college I used to deliver medicine to the hospital every night around 3 a.m. One night I delivered the wrong diagnostic medicine to a lab on the first floor. When I discovered my mistake, I went back to the lab and found the case containing the medicine had been opened, and the dose was lying on the floor. Nobody was ever working in that lab at 3 in the morning, and I had not even been out of the room for 5 minutes before returning.

During the early phases of demolition, I began to hear rumors that paranormal activity in the facility had increased dramatically. In an off-the-record conversation with a hospital official, I was even told that more than one security firm had been frightened away by all the ghostly events. Did the hospital’s demise aggravate the spirits that remained in the old building?

Recognizing that I had only a short time to investigate before the entire building would be gone forever, I began planning a self-guided tour. After all, two of my daughters were born there, and it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had to sneak into the hospital. I had also done so the night my wife was in labor. The entire hospital was put on lockdown because a man had just shot himself in the head outside the emergency room. One more troubled spirit joined the club of restless souls that evening.

Inside the old MTMC
The night we chose to explore the old building, it was cool but dry and perfect for a creepy foray into the unknown. We entered the hospital through an open ground-floor entrance. The three of us, with our cameras and flashlights, moved about carefully as we walked and listened. Very few places are more scary than an abandoned hospital. Imagine floor after floor of rooms that served as host to the neverending symphony of human experience and emotion ranging from childbirth and joy to lives ending in the throes of agony and depression. I briefly split from the group with these thoughts in my head and rounded the corner of a wide hallway when suddenly the image of a horribly deformed baby crawling toward me in the dark entered my mind so vividly that I almost question whether or not I imagined it at all. It’s my innermost fear. I’ll fight wild animals, bigfoot or angry voodoo zombies but deformed ghost-children are where I draw the line. Finally, I was able to clear my mind and rejoin the others as if nothing had happened. No ghost-baby. No problems. So we finished looking around, and we left as quietly as we came. Unfortunately, our investigation yielded no verifiable evidence of paranormal activity. No EVP, no voices and no visual contact with anything paranormal.

It will be interesting to watch what happens in the future when the site is reopened, hopefully, as a park or green space. Will the spirits continue to roam the place where the hospital once stood? We will see.

Spanish Version

El hospital embrujado de Murfreesboro

Con el viejo Middle Tennessee Medical Center ahora completamente en ruinas es un buen momento para compartir sobre mi investigación de un lugar que considero uno de Murfreesboro más embrujado. Originalmente construido en la década de 1920 vio su cuota de pacientes fluctuar Sin embargo, parece que algunos de estos pacientes realmente nunca han marchado. Varios profesionales médicos que trabajaron en el hospital han sido testigos de cosas que sólo pueden describirse como paranormales. Tienen en común haber visto de todo, desde objetos flotantes a través de los pasillos a fantasmas que vienen a visitar a pacientes moribundos en el pabellón de cáncer.

Mis propias experiencias con el hospital también son bastante inquietantes. De hecho, mientras en el la Universidad yo trabajaba entregando medicamentos al hospital cada noche alrededor de las 3 a.m. Una noche entregó el medicamento equivocado de diagnóstico a un laboratorio en el primer piso.Cuando descubrí mi error volví al laboratorio y encontré que el caso que contiene la medicina había sido abierto y la dosis estaba en el suelo. Nadie trabajaba alguna vez en aquel laboratorio a las 3 de la mañana y yo ni había estado fuera de la habitación 5 minutos antes de regresar.

Durante las primeras fases de demolición empecé a oír los rumores de que actividad paranormal en el establecimiento había aumentado de manera espectacular. En una conversación privada que tuve con un funcionario del hospital el funcionario indicó que dos empresas de seguridad había sido amedrentados por todos los acontecimientos fantasmales.Es posible que la demolición del hospital se agravaba los espíritus que siguieron en el viejo edificio?

Reconociendo que yo sólo tenía un poco de tiempo para investigar antes de que todo el edificio se ha ido para siempre, me empezó a planificar un recorrido autoguiado. Después de todo, dos de mis hijas nacieron allí y no sería la primera vez que tuve que de entrar a escondidas en el hospital. También lo había hecho la noche en que mi esposa estaba de parto. Todo el hospital fue cerrado con llave porque un hombre disparó un tiro en su cabeza fuera de la sala de emergencias. Uno espíritu turbado más se unió al club de almas inquietas esa noche.

La noche que decidimos explorar el viejo edificio hacia frío pero era seco y perfecto para una incursión en lo desconocido. Entramos en el hospital a través de una entrada de planta que estaba abierta. Los tres, con nuestras cámaras y linternas se trasladaron cuidadosamente caminado y escuchado. Muy pocos lugares son más terrorificos que un hospital abandonado.

Imagínese piso tras piso de habitaciones que servían como anfitrión de la interminable sinfonía de la experiencia humana y todas las emociones que van desde el parto y la alegría hasta la agonía de algunos que terminan su vida, la cantidad de angustia y de muerte. Brevemente me separó del grupo con estos pensamientos en mi cabeza y redondear la esquina de un ancho pasillo cuando de repente la imagen de un bebé horriblemente deformado arrastrándose hacia mí en la oscuridad entra en mi mente tan vívidamente que casi pregunto si era mi imaginación o era cierto. Es mi temor más íntimo.

Lucharé con animales salvajes, bigfoot o zombies de vudú pero niños muertos y deformes son donde se encuentra mi límite. Finalmente borre la imagen de mi mente y volvi a los otros como si nada hubiera pasado. No bebé. No hay problemas. Así que terminamos mirando alrededor y dejamos como tranquilamente como llegamos. Lamentablemente, nuestra investigación había arrojado ninguna evidencia verificable de actividad paranormal.

Será interesante ver lo que pasa en el futuro cuando el sitio es reabierto ojalá como un parque o espacio verde. ¿Seguirán los espíritus a ocupar el lugar donde alguna vez estuvo el hospital? Vamos a ver.