Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Pics from the Pulse Expedition and the discovery of an alternative research funding model

Team Photo  
Lead expedition vehicle preparing for departure in front of sponsor Mayday Brewery 
 On October 16th a group of hand-picked team members from Middle Tennessee embarked on a research expedition to Kentucky in order to investigate alleged Bigfoot sightings and follow up on a possible encounter we had back in the summer. 

This was a groundbreaking venture for several reasons. Firstly, it was my largest research expedition to date from both a personnel and logistics standpoint and involved 6 vehicles and 17 total participants over the course of the weekend. Most importantly though was the significance of the unique model employed to fund the entire affair. First and foremost the expedition was backed by the Murfreesboro Pulse, a publication based in Middle Tennessee. With this platform  it was then possible to attract additional financial and material support from local businesses interested in supporting the trip and benefiting from the attention from print advertisement and the social media campaign during the months leading up to the launch of our foray into the unknown. In this manner I've effectively discovered something nearly as exciting as Bigfoot himself. I've demonstrated that it's not only possible but advantageous to conduct research by leveraging the resources of business entities, even if your audience is relatively niche. The ability to fund one's own research in similar fashion in which a race car driver funds his or her racing team is relatively unique within the Paranormal, UFO and Bigfoot research communities. We all know that Television "research" in the form of TV programming is supported using a sponsorship model native to networks. We can also agree that these efforts are subject to the pressures of such entities to provide entertainment, sometimes resulting in compromises to research. I personally believe a better approach exists and intend to continue the development of a model for research funding that preserves the autonomy of the researcher and still brings value to sponsors through social media and other mediums. 

Once the Pulse publishes the final coverage of the Expedition in the November issue of the Pulse I can post what we found while in the field including further details on methodologies and experiences of various team members. Until then, enjoy these pics!


Better Days BBQ in Smyrna Provided Dinner the first night as well as bait or "gifts" for the Bigfoot
Camp MOAB sign honoring our sponsors 

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Road to discovery

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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Do you even squatch bro? :SARMS, Sasquatch and adventure fitness


Chaos and Pain LGD-4033 SARMS and Genetic Edge Compounds Inner Steel Liver Protectant 

      Whatever your choice of adventure be it kayaking, hiking a rugged alpine trail or climbing a class 5+ route up a mountain, physical fitness is paramount. I know this first hand having many outdoor pursuits that range from combat archery to mountain climbing and every sport in between. As an explorer of the unexplained and frequent Bigfoot researcher it's also important to maintain a high sate of physical readiness despite many poor examples of fitness we see within much of the Bigfoot/UFO and Paranormal research community. But monster hunting and saucer stalking need not only be a bunch of fat dudes/girls running around the woods all out of breath and looking unhealthy. Let's be honest those guys from finding bigfoot could stand to spend some time training and most non-TV researchers are just as bad if not worse. 

As a researcher I intend to raise the bar a little in the area of Bigfoot hunting fitness (for my own benefit) and I'm happy to say I've now got the right sponsor to help me make that happen right here in my hometown of Murfreesboro Tennessee! You see a few weeks ago the Murfreesboro Pulse Magazine and I decided to approach Strongbody Nutrition in Murfreesboro about becoming one of the lead Sponsors for our upcoming Fall Expedition to Mammoth Cave National Park which you can read about here: http://exploretheunexplained.blogspot.com/2015/08/the-murfreesboro-pulse-magazine-is.html

         Marc Thompson and his partner Andrew Bigford a.k.a. "Big" agreed that while they had many amazing athletes on their MVP Team Strongbody that compete in many sports, they had not one Monster-hunter, combat archer or all around adventure athlete on the team. So here I am now a sponsored athlete and on a new fitness journey to build an adventure bod that is ready for anything. 


While I've done strength training for many years in the gym to stay expedition ready and have a good familiarity to many basic supplements,  Mark from Strongbody recently introduced me to a couple of new things that I began today in order to get ready for the upcoming expedition. The first is called a SARM or selective androgen receptor modulator. First developed to treat muscle wasting and osteoporosis, it's designed to be a lean muscle mass potentator as well as strengthen bones.Now these are both things I like the sound a whole lot. It may not save you from the remoste chance of being torn limb from limb by an angry Sasquatch, but it might hedge your bets against a possible fall while climbing and increase your strength in order to prevent such accidents in the first place. So I see this as a matter of practicality and any boost to my survivability in the field is a good thing. 

The second product he has me taking now is called Innersteel which is a liver protecting supplement by Genetic Edge Compounds. Evidently Mark has some idea about how much bourbon and whiskey I've been known to drink at times while out searching for Bigfoot lol. While that may be partially true it's good for everyone to do a liver detox if you want your body to perform at its highest. Anyway  I'll I'll continue to add to this post as I continue using these products share with you my results. 


So I've been on this SARMS supplement for about 1 week now and believe I've crossed the threshold to where the drug is taking effect. I had a SAVAGE training day at the gym this morning and really grinded legs or so I thought. While about to walk out of the gym I turned around and hit another movement doing about 30 more reps and it felt good. I can say my muscles are recovering more quickly intra-workout and I'm experiencing some increased muscle hardness throughout the body. I'll update again in a few days.


I normally take weekends off (Sat/Sun) but because Angela was feeling like she needed to lift I started my training week early and hit arms (biceps/triceps). With my recovery time speeding up now both intra-workout and between workouts now is a really good time to amp things up. Felt an insane pump today and didn't even use DVST8-BDR which is the pre-workout supplemnt at Strongbody that I love the most. So hungry today. Appetite increase is noticeable.  


I want to stay on this supplement FOREVER! I honestly feel like this has just now reached its peak effectiveness right when the bottle runs out (10 mg/day or 2 pills of 60) But unfortunately my bottle is now empty and I'm on to trying new supplements but I will definitely run this again very soon. The overall result has been very noticeable and includes a leaner harder and more muscular physique with increases in strength that I've not experienced this quickly on anything else. I can't measure how many lbs of muscle I've gained since I've recompositioned  i.e. lower bodyfat and more muscle mass. Overall this is the best performance enhancing supplement I've ever taken to date. 

You can read more about LGD-4033 at the following link:http://www.evolutionary.org/lgd-4033

On the liver support pill I'm taking I cant say much because it's more difficult to gauge liver health unless things are going really bad or  you get blood work done. 

For more info on Innersteel By Genetic Edge Compounds you can follow this link: http://www.geneticedgecompounds.net/#!products/c11qr


Saturday, August 22, 2015

2015 Bigfoot Expedition: Journey to the Edge of Discovery

The Murfreesboro Pulse Magazine is forming an expedition to investigate recent Bigfoot reports in Mammoth Cave National Park Kentucky and I am leading the expedition. The venture is backed by a number of well-known local businesses and a few from out of state.  We have both high and  "low tech" yet experimental techniques we intend to deploy in the field so look for coverage at www.boropulse.com Stay tuned for more details.

Semper Explorandum

We've added another great sponsor to our roster for the upcoming Expedition! A Big shout out to MOAB Bicycle Shop in Murfreesboro, Franklin and Cookville Tennessee! They are a premier bike shop here in the Southeastern USA. 

Friday, July 24, 2015

I sang for Sasquatch: A Recent Expedition to Kentucky yields a possible encounter

  Last week Angela and I took a little trip up to Mammoth Cave National Forest to do some zip-lining and investigate some recent bigfoot sightings in the area. The guys giving the zip-line tour were already talking about some Bigfoot sightings they knew of in the area so we got excited about hunting a hot location. 

Possible structure 
    Next we headed into the park and crossed the ferry into the backcounty portion of the park to the area I had previously identified as promising. This part of the park near the White Oak Trail is among the least traveled and features a one-way trail which does not connect to any other. In fact it dead ends at the Green River.  We couldn’t take our rig on the hiking trail so we identified an opening in the foliage that we could  use  to climb up the steep bank and enter the forest from the road. I  locked down the differentials (gots REAL 4x4 ya'll) and headed off-road into the woods all the way dodging trees, boulders and stumps. Thank gawd for skid plates and ground clearance.  We then carefully selected a campsite far enough into the forest so as not to be seen by anyone coming down the dirt road. After establishing a camp I prepared a fire for cooking and after dinner we enjoyed some whiskey as is our tradition when on expedition in the state of Kentucky or any state for that matter.

 Later that evening at around midnight I began doing some tree knocks.  Now anyone who has read about bigfoot research is aware that these things are believed to communicate at times by banging rocks or logs against trees. I've heard tree knocks before and have used this approach to attract the creatures. My first round of knocking yielded no response. 

After a few more sips of whiskey I had an idea. Angela is an impressive vocalist with a some powerful lungs. In fact she was the pop artist known as Angela Ammons back in the early 2000's and was signed with Universal Records. So of course I got her to sing for Sasquatch.  You may be asking, just what does one sing to the Sasquatch? That’s a good question. While Angela had some commercial success during her career I don't think Squatch is down with American teeny-pop. So I asked her to just ad lib something like Native Americans might sing. My whiskey fueled logic was that injun  music might resonate better with this ancient being than say Ke$ha or 50 Cent. What she came up with isn't really native American but just a simple rift you might hear from one of those hippies playing the pan flute at a drum circle in Asheville North Carolina.  Click below to listen. 

                                                          Angela sings for Sasquatch

About 20 minutes after Angela finished her serenade to Sasquatch we heard a series of tree knocks that we were unable to record because we weren’t ready with any sort of recording device. This was the only sign of bigfoot that we encountered besides some oddly stacked wood which may or may not be placed intentionally. I’m planning a larger expedition in the fall to further investigate this same area. See below for picks from our trip. 

Semper Explorandum 

What was that?

"I sang for Sasquatch"

Our campsite

Building a fire

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pope Francis says "Charlie Charlie Challenge is Dangerous..."

Pope Francis condemns Charlie Charlie Challenge

Pope Francis issued a statement today from Rome condemning the social media phenomenon of kids summoning demons through a ritual known as Charlie Charlie Challenge. In a meeting with top Vatican Officials Pope Francis vehemently stated that any attempt to summon disembodied entities through even the most simple or seemingly harmless ritual is not only spiritually  dangerous but can lead to demonic possession as well as a whole host of other negative things. He continued: “If you are interested in learning about ghosts and spirits you should read The Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Seville which will be available soon on Kindle at amazon.com” He went on to say that “Cameron Parrish is among the world’s greatest authorities on unexplained phenomenon such as ghost, demons, Bigfoot and extraterrestrials.”  The Pope Continued, "His book about the haunted and mysterious places in Spain is a must-read for all the faithful."

Friday, May 8, 2015

Hellstorm: A documentary presenting World War 2 and Germany's defeat from the German perspective

Both of my grandfathers were veterans of the Second World War and I loved them dearly. They epitomized American manhood and represented everything I aspired to be like.  Because of this close connection, I’ve studied World War II almost obsessively since I could read. Like many others my age I was brought up on a steady diet of information which painted the Axis , namely the German/Nazi side as villains that deserved everything they got in defeat and glossed over almost any wrongdoing on the part of the Americans and their allies the British and the Russians. I want to preface this post by saying I still believe Nazi's were bad guys and that I still love my country.  However, my friend Alfred Lamremont Webre recently made me aware of a documentary created by Thomas Goodrich and Kyle Hunt that presents a more accurate depiction of the German defeat at the hands of the Allied forces. While the film narrator admits to the films one-sided nature in presenting only the German perspective, most of us have only heard the allied perspective so it doesn’t hurt to see at least one piece from the opposite standpoint.  I must warn you this film is very graphic. I also make no claim that this film is a 100% fair representation since it clearly shows only one angle. However, given the fact that the history of this war was written by the victors it is important those who seek a balanced perspective to see all angles. About the only thing humorous about the video is that they slow the recordings of  Winston Churchill’s voice down so obviously that he sounds like the emperor from Star Wars or some other maniacal super-villain.  Again, this thing is pretty violent and if might be a better option for some sensitive viewers to simply listen instead.  

Friday, March 6, 2015

New shoes for the expedition rig!

I may have taken a break from writing on this blog for a while to work on the Ghost Hunters Guide to Seville,but I haven't stopped exploring and gearing up for adventure and improving my equipment.

33x10.50/r15 tires are the perfect fit.
Every off-road enthusiast and overlanding explorer knows that the shoes on your particular rig mater for a number of reasons. The first of such reasons is traction and durability to as not to get stuck or pop a tire while in the backcountry and second is to provide adequate ground clearance to navigate rugged terrain and access the inaccessible. As you can see by the photos I've added a set of 33x10.5/15 B.F. Goodrich All-Terrain tires to my Montero. This had given me about 2 inches of increased ground clearance (measured as the distance between my axles and the ground) and improved tremendously the off-road capability of this vehicle in virtually any terrain or condition. As a matter of fact I had the chance to test them yesterday morning immediately after they were installed. This tire is famous among wheelers and explorers alike for being among the toughest tires available for expedition vehicles and have been tested in some of the planets most inhospitable areas.

Testing the Monty's snow-wheeling capability