Building the perfect rig for exploring the unexplained

"The Monty"
                        (Pictured here stock as a purchased her)
One of the most important pieces of equipment for exploring the unexplained is your vehicle. The type of investigations you plan on conducting should determine your choice of which kind is best for you. Because of the type research I do, my vehicle of choice is the tried and true 2000 Mitsubishi Montero Endeavor (Gen 2.5)  Like the Toyota Landcruiser, the Montero/Pajero was designed from the ground up as an off-road vehicle and has earned a reputation for ruggedness in many third worls counties, Asia and Australia.   
 Known as the Shogun and the Pajero outside the United States, it is the winner of numerous off-road rallies including the famous Dakar race across Africa and Europe. As a research vehicle the Monty's high stance, enormous windows and giant safari sunroof provide  the kind of visibility  needed in the field. It's also the kind of vehicle every sporting man needs to own to provide access to the outdoors that other autos can't deliver.

While this awesome truck is pretty B.A. right out of the box, I have a whole list of modification I intend to make. The mods will boost it's performance and ability to serve as an observation platform for overnight stakeouts,overland travel and fun. Some of these include:

  • Rear locker
  • off-road lights 
  • Safari rack
  • extra fuel cans
  • ARB Bumper and winch
  • Remote controlled spotlight and FLIR camera

2015 Upgrades...

Every off-road enthusiast and overlanding explorer knows that the shoes on your particular rig mater for a number of reasons. The first of such reasons is traction and durability to as not to get stuck or pop a tire while in the backcountry and second is to provide adequate ground clearance to navigate rugged terrain and access the inaccessible. As you can see by the photos I've added a set of 33x10.5/15 B.F. Goodrich All-Terrain tires to my Montero. This had given me about 2 inches of increased ground clearance (measured as the distance between my axles and the ground) and improved tremendously the off-road capability of this vehicle in virtually any terrain or condition. As a matter of fact I had the chance to test them yesterday morning immediately after they were installed. This tire is famous among wheelers and explorers alike for being among the toughest tires available for expedition vehicles and have been tested in some of the planets most inhospitable areas. 

Now we've added rhino lining to the lover half of the rig to protect the rig while on the trail.

Recently added a medium sized safari rack too. Excuse the night pic Ill upload a better one later. 

About to add a curved 42" LED light bar by CREE in order to vastly improve night search capability off-road. SO I bought this switch while I wait on the unit to be delivered.


Montero now featuring LED light  BAR and Safari rack provided by sponsors!