Sunday, December 29, 2013

Duck Dynasty Distraction: What THEY did while you weren't looking

This is going to be a short post. I simply want to add another voice to the chorus of alternative media folks calling your attention to the fact that while millions of Americans were distracted with the fallout from the GQ interview with Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, the other hand was fast at work passing legislation to take away American freedoms.

That's right. While you were all busy celebrating the Christmas season or giving your opinions one way or another about what was said in a stupid interview, the U.S. Senate passed the 2014 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act ).

In addition to maintaining the indefinite detention provision listed in section 1021 of the original 2012 bill, the 2014 bill solidifies a massive expansion of government surveillance power under section 1061.

So the political witchcraft continues and Americans were provided with an extra holiday distraction in order for the New World Order  to grab even more power.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Don’t 'Elf' with Santa

Santa Clause, a.k.a. St. Nicholas is one of the most recognizable and mysterious symbols of the Christmas season. He is lauded by many as a gift-giver and bringer of joy to children. Still by others he is labeled a pagan distraction from Jesus whose birth the advent is meant to commemorate. But just who is the real man behind the beard? Regardless of whether you are a fan of Santa or a Santa hater, you probably don’t know much about the real St. Nick. What I’m about to share with you may totally change the way you see him.
Early Church records indicate that Santa was a real person. He was born to a wealthy Greek family in the 3rd century near the city of Myra in what is presently Turkey. His parents died and he used the family fortune to rescue people in need. One famous story surrounding old St. Nick is that he is said to have secretly put gold in stockings to save young ladies from a life of prostitution by giving them a dowry and thus making them eligible for marriage. In other words, Santa made it rain on them (would-be) hoes long before Lil Wayne threw his first dollar bill at a stripper. Could this possibly explain his laugh?
 Santa was made a Bishop at a young age but was known for much more than just his generosity. He had some serious street credibility among his Christian brethren. In fact, during the reign of Roman Emperor Diocletian he spent time in jail where he was tortured for being a leader in the Church. Torture methods used by Romans were notoriously brutal and left him disfigured. But Santa took it like a boss and never cracked. Christians who survived torture without denying their faith were called “confessors”.  It’s uncertain how many tattoos he received while locked up, but it’s probably where he picked up smoking.
Some protestant Christians don’t like Santa because they view him as a pagan symbol derived from Norse mythology. It’s true that both Odin and Santa enjoy flying and have epic beards. But that’s where the similarities end. The earliest historical traditions demonstrate that he was no friend of the pagan religions. During his time as Bishop of Myra, we are told that he directly challenged the old Roman gods at the Temple of Artemis and accounts tell us that “evil spirits fled howling before him.”  Santa was a Jedi.
Do you still want to call him a pagan? You better watch out. In fact, after Santa was released from prison he attended a meeting of church leaders in the year 325 called the Council of Nicea. At that meeting St. Nicholas is said to have knocked a brother out during a rather serious theological disagreement. This assault landed him back in jail. until according to legend, God spoke to one of the Church fathers in a dream and ordered St. Nick released from prison. Evidently Santa was super-tight with the Almighty.

All of these accounts make for a substantial contrast to our popular image of Santa in America which is principally derived from his depiction in the 1823 Clement Moore poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas”. It seems as though the real Santa has more in common with the Batman than his modern portrayals would have you believe. He was not a fat, jolly old guy but a heroic and generous individual. Of course he shouldn’t replace Jesus as the focus of Christmas, but I think he deserves a lot more respect than he receives. In other words don’t elf around with Santa and you’ll stay on his good list.

(As published in the Murreesboro Pulse December 2013)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tela Tequila's New Sextape!:Sneak Peak

Scroll down for video

Some fellow bloggers will appreciate my shameless ploy to generate web traffic. Others will hate me because you ACTUALLY care about seeing this poor individual defile herself sexually. Shame on you and welcome to Enigma Quest.

I normally pride myself on my lack of familiarity with most celebrities because of my disgust with the entertainment industry and my awareness of its true nature. However, a few months ago I discovered an enigmatic personality that caught my attention for her frequent mention of the secretive powers that control the entertainment industry and seek to control and pollute the mind of the consumers.

 Posted here are a few videos where she says some pretty interesting things that most people who study conspiracy topics already know. I'm really curious to find out how long she will live. I know she had an aneurysm a while back which may have been a warning to her or an attempted hit. By the way I have no idea why this person is famous. Check out her videos and see what you think about the conspiracy info she gives.

I really have no idea why this person is allegedly releasing a sex tape if she wants to build any kind of credibility. Or is she simply trying to keep herself in the spotlight to get her Anti-NWO information to the public? We will see...  I will have to say I respect her efforts to wake people up to the truth and I'd love to interview her this coming year. But a sextape? Really?


"Plans for World War 3 and Zionist Movement"

Or... is she actually an Illuminati disinfo babe?  What happened with the Alex Jones Show she was supposed to be on???? I want the real story.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Could this be an alien? Glowing Mystery Creature spotted in Bristol Harbour, UK

It's a fascinating piece of footage and if it's not a hoax it may be our first recorded glimpse of an alien creature or some specimen from a hidden world deep below the ocean surface.

It appeared in historic Bristol Harbour in the United Kingdom, a luminous, unidentified, submerged object that appeared to be biological in nature was seen by as many as 20 eye-witnesses. Reported on December 5th of this year by the U.K. Telegraph and other news sources, the object or creature is said to have appeared and then suddenly disappeared after a few minutes. Marine biologists who have examined the footage are baffled and some witnesses believe they have seen an alien.

Was it an alien? Maybe not an alien from another planet but quite possibly a being from some hidden place deep beneath the earths surface. You see for 1000's of years virtually every culture on the planet has held the belief that the planet was either hollow or that the depths of the planet contained an entire world of strange an exotic creatures and even people. Could this be one of them? It will be exciting to see if more of these creatures begin to appear.