Monday, August 26, 2013

The Victorian Quarters: a Bed and Breakfast with a paranormal past

 It just dawned on me that August is almost over and I haven't recorded anything in the blog for about a month. I know my vast readership must be getting anxious and I have no excuse really. I've just been doing what I do. I guess the least I could do is share some pics from my recent  stay at an awesome bed and breakfast in Henderson KY that is most certainly haunted. It's called the Victorian Quarters. Constructed around 1860 by a prominent family, and operated as a household with a number of slaves.  Interestingly, some of these slaves took it upon themselves to dig a tunnel clear out to the Ohio river (across the street) so that they might escape or at least come and go as they pleased without waking the 'masa'.

 Koy (the owner) shared with me that the house is also the host to regular paranormal activity and that the house is indeed "haunted". In fact the statue in the picture below was knocked of its pedestal and decapitated during one such event.

She let us in on a number of stories regarding the paranormal events and EVPs recorded in the building and one day I'll get around to sharing more abut our own visit. I also have a lot more pics of a much higher quality on my wife's camera that I'll post at some point in the future. Until I can add more to this post just do your own research and you'll find this whole town is filled stories of paranormal activity.

Interestingly too Koy also shared with me a first hand account of a strange cryptid like creature that was in her rose garden that did not resemble any animal she had ever seen. Lots to write about here once I get around to it.

 The tunnel underneath the house leads from the basement level to the Ohio River across the street from the Victorian Quarters.