Friday, July 24, 2015

I sang for Sasquatch: A Recent Expedition to Kentucky yields a possible encounter

  Last week Angela and I took a little trip up to Mammoth Cave National Forest to do some zip-lining and investigate some recent bigfoot sightings in the area. The guys giving the zip-line tour were already talking about some Bigfoot sightings they knew of in the area so we got excited about hunting a hot location. 

Possible structure 
    Next we headed into the park and crossed the ferry into the backcounty portion of the park to the area I had previously identified as promising. This part of the park near the White Oak Trail is among the least traveled and features a one-way trail which does not connect to any other. In fact it dead ends at the Green River.  We couldn’t take our rig on the hiking trail so we identified an opening in the foliage that we could  use  to climb up the steep bank and enter the forest from the road. I  locked down the differentials (gots REAL 4x4 ya'll) and headed off-road into the woods all the way dodging trees, boulders and stumps. Thank gawd for skid plates and ground clearance.  We then carefully selected a campsite far enough into the forest so as not to be seen by anyone coming down the dirt road. After establishing a camp I prepared a fire for cooking and after dinner we enjoyed some whiskey as is our tradition when on expedition in the state of Kentucky or any state for that matter.

 Later that evening at around midnight I began doing some tree knocks.  Now anyone who has read about bigfoot research is aware that these things are believed to communicate at times by banging rocks or logs against trees. I've heard tree knocks before and have used this approach to attract the creatures. My first round of knocking yielded no response. 

After a few more sips of whiskey I had an idea. Angela is an impressive vocalist with a some powerful lungs. In fact she was the pop artist known as Angela Ammons back in the early 2000's and was signed with Universal Records. So of course I got her to sing for Sasquatch.  You may be asking, just what does one sing to the Sasquatch? That’s a good question. While Angela had some commercial success during her career I don't think Squatch is down with American teeny-pop. So I asked her to just ad lib something like Native Americans might sing. My whiskey fueled logic was that injun  music might resonate better with this ancient being than say Ke$ha or 50 Cent. What she came up with isn't really native American but just a simple rift you might hear from one of those hippies playing the pan flute at a drum circle in Asheville North Carolina.  Click below to listen. 

                                                          Angela sings for Sasquatch

About 20 minutes after Angela finished her serenade to Sasquatch we heard a series of tree knocks that we were unable to record because we weren’t ready with any sort of recording device. This was the only sign of bigfoot that we encountered besides some oddly stacked wood which may or may not be placed intentionally. I’m planning a larger expedition in the fall to further investigate this same area. See below for picks from our trip. 

Semper Explorandum 

What was that?

"I sang for Sasquatch"

Our campsite

Building a fire