Sunday, December 29, 2013

Duck Dynasty Distraction: What THEY did while you weren't looking

This is going to be a short post. I simply want to add another voice to the chorus of alternative media folks calling your attention to the fact that while millions of Americans were distracted with the fallout from the GQ interview with Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson, the other hand was fast at work passing legislation to take away American freedoms.

That's right. While you were all busy celebrating the Christmas season or giving your opinions one way or another about what was said in a stupid interview, the U.S. Senate passed the 2014 NDAA (National Defense Authorization Act ).

In addition to maintaining the indefinite detention provision listed in section 1021 of the original 2012 bill, the 2014 bill solidifies a massive expansion of government surveillance power under section 1061.

So the political witchcraft continues and Americans were provided with an extra holiday distraction in order for the New World Order  to grab even more power.


Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Don’t 'Elf' with Santa

Santa Clause, a.k.a. St. Nicholas is one of the most recognizable and mysterious symbols of the Christmas season. He is lauded by many as a gift-giver and bringer of joy to children. Still by others he is labeled a pagan distraction from Jesus whose birth the advent is meant to commemorate. But just who is the real man behind the beard? Regardless of whether you are a fan of Santa or a Santa hater, you probably don’t know much about the real St. Nick. What I’m about to share with you may totally change the way you see him.
Early Church records indicate that Santa was a real person. He was born to a wealthy Greek family in the 3rd century near the city of Myra in what is presently Turkey. His parents died and he used the family fortune to rescue people in need. One famous story surrounding old St. Nick is that he is said to have secretly put gold in stockings to save young ladies from a life of prostitution by giving them a dowry and thus making them eligible for marriage. In other words, Santa made it rain on them (would-be) hoes long before Lil Wayne threw his first dollar bill at a stripper. Could this possibly explain his laugh?
 Santa was made a Bishop at a young age but was known for much more than just his generosity. He had some serious street credibility among his Christian brethren. In fact, during the reign of Roman Emperor Diocletian he spent time in jail where he was tortured for being a leader in the Church. Torture methods used by Romans were notoriously brutal and left him disfigured. But Santa took it like a boss and never cracked. Christians who survived torture without denying their faith were called “confessors”.  It’s uncertain how many tattoos he received while locked up, but it’s probably where he picked up smoking.
Some protestant Christians don’t like Santa because they view him as a pagan symbol derived from Norse mythology. It’s true that both Odin and Santa enjoy flying and have epic beards. But that’s where the similarities end. The earliest historical traditions demonstrate that he was no friend of the pagan religions. During his time as Bishop of Myra, we are told that he directly challenged the old Roman gods at the Temple of Artemis and accounts tell us that “evil spirits fled howling before him.”  Santa was a Jedi.
Do you still want to call him a pagan? You better watch out. In fact, after Santa was released from prison he attended a meeting of church leaders in the year 325 called the Council of Nicea. At that meeting St. Nicholas is said to have knocked a brother out during a rather serious theological disagreement. This assault landed him back in jail. until according to legend, God spoke to one of the Church fathers in a dream and ordered St. Nick released from prison. Evidently Santa was super-tight with the Almighty.

All of these accounts make for a substantial contrast to our popular image of Santa in America which is principally derived from his depiction in the 1823 Clement Moore poem “A Visit from St. Nicholas”. It seems as though the real Santa has more in common with the Batman than his modern portrayals would have you believe. He was not a fat, jolly old guy but a heroic and generous individual. Of course he shouldn’t replace Jesus as the focus of Christmas, but I think he deserves a lot more respect than he receives. In other words don’t elf around with Santa and you’ll stay on his good list.

(As published in the Murreesboro Pulse December 2013)

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Tela Tequila's New Sextape!:Sneak Peak

Scroll down for video

Some fellow bloggers will appreciate my shameless ploy to generate web traffic. Others will hate me because you ACTUALLY care about seeing this poor individual defile herself sexually. Shame on you and welcome to Enigma Quest.

I normally pride myself on my lack of familiarity with most celebrities because of my disgust with the entertainment industry and my awareness of its true nature. However, a few months ago I discovered an enigmatic personality that caught my attention for her frequent mention of the secretive powers that control the entertainment industry and seek to control and pollute the mind of the consumers.

 Posted here are a few videos where she says some pretty interesting things that most people who study conspiracy topics already know. I'm really curious to find out how long she will live. I know she had an aneurysm a while back which may have been a warning to her or an attempted hit. By the way I have no idea why this person is famous. Check out her videos and see what you think about the conspiracy info she gives.

I really have no idea why this person is allegedly releasing a sex tape if she wants to build any kind of credibility. Or is she simply trying to keep herself in the spotlight to get her Anti-NWO information to the public? We will see...  I will have to say I respect her efforts to wake people up to the truth and I'd love to interview her this coming year. But a sextape? Really?


"Plans for World War 3 and Zionist Movement"

Or... is she actually an Illuminati disinfo babe?  What happened with the Alex Jones Show she was supposed to be on???? I want the real story.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Could this be an alien? Glowing Mystery Creature spotted in Bristol Harbour, UK

It's a fascinating piece of footage and if it's not a hoax it may be our first recorded glimpse of an alien creature or some specimen from a hidden world deep below the ocean surface.

It appeared in historic Bristol Harbour in the United Kingdom, a luminous, unidentified, submerged object that appeared to be biological in nature was seen by as many as 20 eye-witnesses. Reported on December 5th of this year by the U.K. Telegraph and other news sources, the object or creature is said to have appeared and then suddenly disappeared after a few minutes. Marine biologists who have examined the footage are baffled and some witnesses believe they have seen an alien.

Was it an alien? Maybe not an alien from another planet but quite possibly a being from some hidden place deep beneath the earths surface. You see for 1000's of years virtually every culture on the planet has held the belief that the planet was either hollow or that the depths of the planet contained an entire world of strange an exotic creatures and even people. Could this be one of them? It will be exciting to see if more of these creatures begin to appear. 

Monday, November 4, 2013

The Pilgrims Society

The sovereignty of the United States was recognized by Great Britain through the Treaty of Paris of 1783. However, some students of deep politics believe the United States never achieved true independence from the UK and that the British ruling elite still hold an extraordinary amount of clandestine influence over the United States.  The Pilgrims Society is one alleged vehicle for said influence.  In honor of Thanksgiving we will take a brief look at this prestigious gathering that has remained largely in the shadows until now.

Founded in 1902 this club was established to foster good relations between the United States and Great Britain. Its official patron is the British Crown and its ranks include a host of British aristocracy and industry leadership. It has also counted as members some of the most prestigious people in United States history including John D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan, Andrew Carnegie and others from the highest echelons of society and absolutely no Indians.

What history forgets is that a faction of the Pilgrims Society was allegedly behind one of the most widely ignored conspiracies in American history known as The Business Plot.  In 1933 US Marine Corps Major General Smedley Butler testified before a congressional committee that he was approached by members  and asked to participate in a coup d’état to overthrow  the government and install a fascist regime.  While it sounds far-fetched, its membership list included several leading bankers and industrialists who were financial beneficiaries of the fascist governments in Italy and Germany prior to World War II. But at the end of the day nobody was prosecuted and some even called it a hoax despite  evidence to the contrary.

The Anglo-American establishment isn’t new. I contend that with the exception of that time when they burned the White House, relations have been good.  Our “founding fathers” even allowed the Crown to dictate the terms of the treaty heavily in its own favor a full two years after cessation of hostilities in 1791. In it the King retained rights to continue receiving gold, silver and copper from business ventures and the right to collect on all debt.  It would seem to me that America didn’t actually negotiate this treaty from a position of victory but instead, England simply changed strategy from a military approach to an economic one and the new Anglo-American aristocracy was born.

Today the list of Pilgrims continues to include some of the most influential people in mass media, heads of financial institutions, global corporations, ambassadors, high-ranking members of the intelligence community along with a long list of British nobility and still no Indians  . Could it be that this group functions as a vehicle through which the British Empire still exerts its influence?  An article published by the Institute for the Study of Globalization and Covert Politics makes a strong case for the reality of the group’s ongoing, non-democratic influence on American policy.

My investigation of this organization shows it to be like the other back-door think-tanks. ( e.g.  Bilderberg Group, Council on Foreign Relations etc...)  Since their inception such organizations have sought to control the United States and ultimately bring about a one world system of government through the manipulation of media and global financial institutions.  To demonstrate the historical reality of this fact I’ll end this peek into hidden history with a statement made by President Woodrow Wilson who wrote the following in 1913:

"Since I entered politics, I have mainly had men's opinions confided to me in private. Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the Field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized, so subtle, so watchful, so interlocked, so complete, so pervasive, that they better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it."

(Murfreesboro Pulse November 2013)

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Pilgrims and Aliens

When it comes to exploring the unexplained, UFOs are my favorite topic to investigate. So in honor of Thanksgiving, we will look at some surprising evidence of extraterrestrials that we find deep in America’s past. No, I’m not referring to the hundreds of Native American accounts we have of otherworldly visitors. Everybody knows that unless white folks write it down then it’s just mythology. Believe it or not, pilgrims (the whitest people ever) were the earliest Europeans in North America to record a number of UFO sightings.

The first known incident happened in 1639, just 9 years after the establishment of Plymouth colony. The report comes from The History of New England, 1630-1639, a book by John Winthrop, a puritan and the first elected Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. His writings are considered the central source for the history of the area.
One night in March of 1639, James Everell “a sober, discreet man” and two companions boarded a small boat and set out for a trip on the Muddy River in Boston. They had been moving downstream for about a mile when the night’s mysterious events began. The three men were suddenly confronted with the appearance of a huge, bright light hovering in the sky. The light “flamed up” as it hovered and appeared to be about “three yards square.” As they watched, the light “contracted into the figure of a swine” and moved “swift as an arrow” in the direction of Charlton. For several hours, the light moved back and forth in the sky between Everell’s location and Charlton. When the light finally disappeared, the men noticed that they had somehow been carried against the tide back to the place where they had embarked. Wait a second. Either these pilgrims ate some magic mushrooms or this matches perfectly with what some modern UFO witnesses report with close encounters! Winthrop’s book offers us even more strangeness to consider.

In 1644, a rash of bizarre sightings was again reported in Boston. The account says that mysterious lights appeared about 2 weeks after the destruction of a ship commanded by Captain John Chaddock, a pirate whose ship was intentionally blown up in the harbor. On several occasions, Bostonians saw a light resembling the moon rise from the water near the site of the sunken ship that merged with an identical light and then separated again, repeating this over and over while shooting out flames and sparks. The people of Boston attributed the lights to the ghost of one of the dead sailors, a confessed necromancer allegedly responsible for the ship’s destruction. According to Winthrop, this anonymous person had “done some strange things by his art in his Avay from Virginia hither;” to make things even more strange, Winthrop reports:

“all the bodies blown up were found but his, which never was. Hence it is left to be inferred that the master teacher of the black art of necromancy took away the body as well as the soul of his pupil, at the moment of the catastrophe.” 

Were the strange lights, the ship’s destruction and alleged sorcerer whose body is never recovered simply a coincidence? Even when examined separately, they are wildly fascinating events worth more investigation. Could the “sorcerer” have actually been an extraterrestrial or a time traveler sent to change the course of history and then teleported away after sinking the ship? It would make for a great movie sci-fi movie script, Pilgrims and Aliens. Unfortunately, the truth about what really happened may remain a mystery like so many events in the distant past. When it comes to unraveling Earth’s biggest mysteries, I need all the help I can get, so your comments and stories are welcome. Keep exploring!

(Murfreesboro Pulse November 2012)

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Murfreesboro's Most Haunted

(As featured in the October 2013 edition of the Murfreesboro Pulse)

Murfreesboro’s Most Haunted

I’m not a big fan of Halloween attractions like haunted houses.  Having spent a certain amount of time in the field researching real monsters and investigating actual paranormal phenomenon, it’s difficult to get excited about the fake stuff.  Don’t get me wrong. I like Halloween fun and have been known to disguise myself to play the occasional trick.  But for those curious about real paranormal activity, I have a special treat for you this October.

 The Murfreesboro’s Most Haunted list presented here was assembled based on the experiences of local paranormal investigators, reader submissions and my personal explorations in search of the unknown.   Here’s what made the list. 

Stones River Battlefield – It’s the site of more than 3000 deaths and one of the bloodiest  battles of the Civil War. Numerous sightings of ghastly apparitions have been reported for decades in and around this historic area. Entire troop formations have been seen here by witnesses here that disappear without a trace.  


Social (formerly Blue Rooster and Blues Boro) – I saw some pretty frightening things at this bar when I used to hang out there. But according to the Shadow Chasers of Middle Tennessee, a number of electronic voice phenomenon or EVPs (alleged ghost noises) have been recorded in the basement which sound people playing billiards in an area with no pool table.

Center for the Arts – Another submission from my friends at Shadow Chasers, the Center for the Arts is said to host more than just live performances. It seems the dead also perform their own kind of show at night and that the voices of children laughing have been captured by recorders.

Davis Market – Many know of the “curse of Davis Market”  and that it’s actually the center of the universe.  But there’s more to this place than these urban legends. Some employees have experienced strange happenings like objects moving, doors slamming and calculators running numbers with nobody around.

Black Fox Camp Springs – This general area is where some of the first settlers in Rutherford County made their homes.  It’s located along the Nickajack trace, an ancient Native American highway which ran all the way down to Spanish Florida. According to legend Chief Black Fox escaped an attack by diving into the spring and emerging three miles away at Murfree Springs.  I’ve heard drums beating here on more than one occasion and was unable to identify the source.   


The Black Cat Tavern – This abandoned underground speakeasy from the days of prohibition is not just a little spooky, but the first time I went inside the cave I heard voices and what sounded like music coming from somewhere deep underground. 

Smotherman’s Antiques   Melinda Blick of Stones River Paranormal considers this local antique store  to be a paranormal hotspot. It makes sense that it might manifest some activity. This business houses a collection of items belonging to dead people in a building that has its own lengthy history.

The old MTMC Hospital  – Although the lot where the old hospital stood is now empty, some vivid accounts were shared with me by former employees of the old hospital.  These included witnesses seeing floating objects as well as phantoms which appeared to comfort the dying.  

Big B Cleaners – The haunted drycleaners might not sound so spooky.  But Big B was once the site of a local taxi service back in 1920’s. It was during this period that a murder took place and it’s believed that the victim may still be lingering.  Investigators who have probed this location have witnessed mysterious lights and sounds coming from the building
Oaklands Plantation – Although it has never been formally investigated (to my knowledge), this stately home from the early 19th century made the list by default. The location was home to a large number of slaves and was the site of an engagement between Union and Confederate forces during the Civil War. Perhaps the Oaklands Association will someday allow an investigation of the house that will validate its place on this prestigious list of haunted places in Murfreesboro.

More Pictures coming soon! 

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Video of live Wooly Mammoth sighting in 1943

                                                    (Near Yakutsk city, Sakha Republic, Siberia 1943)  

After the Battle of Stalingrad during WWII, Nazi Party member and photographer for the NSDAP, Holger Hildebrand, was captured by the Red Army. He and thousands of other Wehrmacht soldiers were subsequently sent on a death march to lovely Siberia; this footage is believed  to have been taken during that march through the Siberian Taiga. Hildebrand is believed to have died as a prisoner of war at a Soviet gulag (forced labor camp) in  1945. According to the story his granddaughter came into possession of the footage when his belongings were repatriated to Germany from Russia many decades after his death.

Is it real? I certainly hope so. It's all the  more  reason to take an expedition to Russia. The first of course being the Siberian Snowman a.k.a. the Almasti which is believed to be the Russian cousin of the North American Bigfoot. If any region on Earth were capable of supporting Mammoths and Giant Apes it's Siberia. I know that some are saying that this is a hoax and it could be. If you find out before I do leave a comment.

Monday, August 26, 2013

The Victorian Quarters: a Bed and Breakfast with a paranormal past

 It just dawned on me that August is almost over and I haven't recorded anything in the blog for about a month. I know my vast readership must be getting anxious and I have no excuse really. I've just been doing what I do. I guess the least I could do is share some pics from my recent  stay at an awesome bed and breakfast in Henderson KY that is most certainly haunted. It's called the Victorian Quarters. Constructed around 1860 by a prominent family, and operated as a household with a number of slaves.  Interestingly, some of these slaves took it upon themselves to dig a tunnel clear out to the Ohio river (across the street) so that they might escape or at least come and go as they pleased without waking the 'masa'.

 Koy (the owner) shared with me that the house is also the host to regular paranormal activity and that the house is indeed "haunted". In fact the statue in the picture below was knocked of its pedestal and decapitated during one such event.

She let us in on a number of stories regarding the paranormal events and EVPs recorded in the building and one day I'll get around to sharing more abut our own visit. I also have a lot more pics of a much higher quality on my wife's camera that I'll post at some point in the future. Until I can add more to this post just do your own research and you'll find this whole town is filled stories of paranormal activity.

Interestingly too Koy also shared with me a first hand account of a strange cryptid like creature that was in her rose garden that did not resemble any animal she had ever seen. Lots to write about here once I get around to it.

 The tunnel underneath the house leads from the basement level to the Ohio River across the street from the Victorian Quarters.

Friday, July 26, 2013

Inside the Black Cat Tavern

It’s an obscure landmark, but one that harkens back to an era that is both dark and fascinating all at once.   The Black Cat Tavern operated as a popular nightclub on the outskirts of Murfreesboro, Tennessee in the period during and after prohibition. It is best described as a cave to which a manmade entrance was added, creating an enclosed space. It consisted of three rooms which included a dance hall, a dining room and a kitchen in addition to the natural cave area with an underground stream.  Situated alongside a major highway but hidden by dense foliage, it remains virtually invisible to the average passerby.  

Little can be confirmed regarding details of this establishment’s history.  Although enough rumors and second hand stories exist that indicate it was a place that your mamma would have probably told you not to go. That didn’t discourage those back in the 20’s from hanging out at the underground jazz joint that some have  termed a “speakeasy”.  It’s even believed that Jean Faircloth MacArthur , the 2nd wife  of American General Douglass MacArther  of WW2 fame partied  here on occasion. 

Overwhelmed with curiosity to learn more about the Black Cat, we decided to take a small expedition to this underground hideaway and see for ourselves.  Arriving at the location we cautiously slipped through the bars that block the entrance.  We then examined each room of the dank edifice with our flashlights, clearing away a jungle of cobwebs as we made our way through.   I’ll be the first to confess that the Black Cat is a little spooky.  It’s not a place that I recommend going for a night out.

But the tavern wasn't always such an eerie place. The walls were once covered in cedar planks and heat was provided by a set of fireplaces which surely provided a warm ambiance during its heyday.  It’s easy to imagine this place as a fun underground venue for nightlife.

We've all got romantic ideas about this era that are given to us by pop culture. But in reality it was still a relatively dark period in American history.  Poverty and disease were rampant.  At the local hospital women were often given scopolamine, tied to tables and left to hallucinate for days before giving birth. Sexy times eh? The Black Cat Tavern was nothing fancy. It was basically just a hole in the ground where people went to get drunk. But still it represents a part of American culture.  Even the darker elements of our past in my opinion should not be forgotten.

The property is currently managed by the Murfreesboro Parks and Recreation Department and closed to the public. Safety and adequate funding are likely the reasons that Black Cat has remained a low priority for historic preservation.  The collapsed floors and broken beer bottles left by previous visitors make it a hazardous hangout.    

 Many fascinating monuments to American cultural history such as this are lost either through urban development or simply allowed to deteriorate.  Some remain hidden because they represent dark and uncomfortable periods in the past and others are simply hazardous and inaccessible.

With enough encouragement from others who are aware of its historical significance, I think a gradual restoration of the Black Cat site might be feasible. It’s certainly worth a call to city officials at the Murfreesboro Department of Parks and Recreation to express your support for the idea of preserving this old-time venue. What you do you think?

Black Cat Cave (8).JPGBlack Cat Cave (15).JPG

Black Cat Cave (25).JPGBlack Cat Cave (20).JPG
Featured in the August 2013 Edition of the Murfreesboro Pulse

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

No more writing... for a while

I think I'll stop writing for a while and just do my thing which is explore and investigate odd and interesting things in order to satisfy my savage curiosity.  I've discovered that I'm not really a writer. Instead, I'm a doer that sometimes writes about what I do. Let's just see what happens shall we?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Safaris for the Suburban Man

As Published in the June 2013 Edition of the Murfreesboro Post

For those with a passion for adventure, summer is a prime season for having just that. It’s a time for travel and exploration both abroad and in our own backyard.  Unfortunately, many guys have slid into a sedentary rhythm of work or study that has left them soft and unfulfilled. Man-boobs and obesity are on the rise and testosterone-fueled excursions have often been supplanted by video games, music, movies and online entertainment.

I may have just sounded like Captain Judge-Much here, and I’m aware that not all of you lads are pathetic. But whatever your  case may be,  all men need action periodically. Gentlemen, it’s time for a safari. That means doing something a little dangerous. I don’t mean the foolhardy stunts you did as a teenager, but real sporting activities off the beaten path. I’m talking about testing your wits and honing your skills in the great outdoors.  Let’s take a look at some of my favorites that may inspire you. So grow a mustache, grab your gear and let’s go!

Take a canoeing expedition where there are alligators. That’s right: alligators. Anyone can take a canoe trip. But gators in the water bring the excitement level up a bit, and if you bring your camera, maybe you can get some impressive photos to show the guys back home. Despite the fact that alligator attacks have been on the rise in recent decades, alligator mississippiensis is a shy creature and rarely attacks humans, unlike its deadly cousin, the crocodile. Plan B: If you live too far from alligator-infested waters to make such a trip, then invite a cute girl and tell her there are alligators. Unless she is a biology major this should work to your advantage.

Explore a cave. I find exploring caves to be both physically challenging and a great way to stay cool in the summer heat.  Some caving experts would call this bad advice if you aren’t an experienced caver.  But people have been exploring caves for thousands of years, and most were not members of any grotto society or a spelunking club. Bring proper equipment, don’t go alone, and use common sense. Don’t know of any caves to explore? There are plenty of caves, such as Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and Cumberland Caverns here in Middle Tennessee, offering tours which will challenge your body and your wits.

Go bear watching! Bears are fun animals to watch in the wild. Their smelly presence alone is enough to cause a slight adrenaline rush in most people.  Practice your wildlife photography skills by capturing a few shots at a safe distance. Find out where the closest habitat is for bears and plan a camping trip. Bring a camera and lots of food to attract these furry beasts. Again, use common sense when around bears.

No list of summer safaris for the manly adventurer would be complete without recommending a good old-fashioned hunting expedition. Theodore Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway would both agree that little compares to the excitement of putting your archery or rifle skills to the test by killing ferocious animals. Of course, not everyone has the time and resources to book a safari in South Africa. But a number of places in the interior of the U.S. have summer hunting seasons for wild boar, coyote and varmints. A hog skull with razor-sharp tusks is a great conversation piece for any man’s living room. Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi come to mind as good destinations for a mid-summer hunting safari.

What are you waiting for?

tart planning your own safari, and keep exploring!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another dead Bigfoot rumor???

Here we go folks. This week oe of my favorite blogs ( posted on a rumor involving the possible killing of a Bigfoot in Pennsylvania. The source which is unamed (of course) is reporting that information regarding the event was gathered via ham radio and constists of the following:

  • On the morning of May 14th a ham operator heard the state and local police   confirm a body over the public channel.
  • Then it was overheard on a private channel #4 U.S.
  • Army helicopters were seen flying in the direction of the incident.
  • Our source currently has 3 investigators and a well-known researcher en route as well as talking to State Police and to see if the media has gotten word.
  • 911 says there was a call
  • A local investigator talked to the ham operator and listened to the recordings. They believe it's legit.

This is of course ALL unconfirmed rumor which is perfectly normal in the Bigfoot/Sasquatch investigating world. I of course remain skeptical but still keeping my fingers crossed for a BIG " I TOLD YOU SO" moment . Wait. No not a moment.  More like a week of manic FB and blog posts gloating about having been right the whole time about the existence of these creatures. We will stay tuned and see what happens!

Could you pull the trigger?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

High Strangeness

On my way to Seattle by plane and so I think it’s a great time to begin my next post during my layover in Dallas…
 High strangeness  is the only way I have to describe my latest investigation.  It seems that the deeper I explore  the Bigfoot enigma the more things seem to surface which point to a direct connection with the UFO phenomenon. I realize this sounds ridiculous. Most people have a difficult time believing in these two things separately much less together. I’m not sure what to make of it either. But I’m not the only one out here running into this. Here’s what  I have thus far.
 I began this month with a midnight investigation of a place in Dekalb County Tennessee where UFO’s and Bigfoot have been sighted. We  don’t see anything out of the ordinary except for a few falling stars that were pretty amazing. That same week I also made it a point to seek out other similar cases and identified  a number of them across the county. One of these involved some amazingly bizzar details and  was published on a website by a well-respected investigator. I was able to get a message in to him to contact me and he introduced my to a friend of the experiencers named Don Odom.
 According to Don Odom,  the ongoing case involves the UFO abduction of several members of one family near Alexandria, TN as well as close contact and apparent communication with sasquatch type creatures which appear to be under the operational control or close partnership with a race of extraterrestrials believed to be the “grays”.
The experiencers report numerous encounters with floating orbs, Bigfoot and spacecraft around their property and believe themselves to have been used for a reproductive program to create hybrid alien-humans aboard space crafts. In addition to receiving information regarding advanced propulsion technology they have recently reported that they were warned of several asteroids that will soon impact our planet by an orb which refers to itself as St. Germaine.  According to the message conveyed by the extraterrestrials, one of these asteroids will hit in Venezuela and the other will impact somewhere in the Pacific, setting off a chain of seismic events and result in major Earth changes and destruction.
I going to grab coffee with Don soon and see what evidence he can present as well as try and arrange a meeting with the experiencers themselves.

Looking around me at the airport I see all the busy professionals traveling to and from various destinations, focused on the mundane and banal aspects of life on Earth.  The world I live in is much different. I’m still not convinced which is better. But unless they find themselves pulled from their beds in the middle of the night by some mysterious force or catch a glimpse of the unknown on a dark deserted highway, most will remain oblivious.


So a week ago I was contacted by the father of the family that was the original experiencer of these phenomenon. His name is Charles and we spoke by phone for about 45 minutes. During the phone call we experienced a number of electronic disturbances and were even cut off completely and I had to call him back. I felt that was odd. At key parts of the conversation his voice faded into a crackle and every time I asked for clarification the same thing would occur.

Charlie believes himself to have been part of an breeding experiment or project. He says that his abduction experiences have included intercourse with many beautiful women on board the spacecraft. One striking feature about his entire story is that after  he underwent a vasectomy his participation in the breeding project ceased and his abductions stopped at once.  His wife, who is also an abductee reports that her own experiences decreased once she had a hysterectomy .

I am continuing to follow this case and plan to conduct an interview in person at some point in the near future...

Monday, April 1, 2013

Wine and Spirits: Wine-tasting and ghost chasing in Tennessee

Hidden within the highlands of the Upper-Cumberland region of Tennessee, Red Boiling Springs is a retromantic and mysterious destination for anyone seeking some Victorian era nostalgia, delicious wine and perhaps even an encounter with the unexplained.

Looking for an escape from the mundane, Angela and I booked a suite at the Thomas House, one of three bed-and breakfast style hotels in the small town. Before arriving at our intended destination we first stopped in for a visit at the Red Barn Winery a few miles away. The narrow lane which leads to the quaint vineyard epitomizes the rural Tennessee landscape that many who live in the urbanized areas surrounding Nashville forget exists.

The Red Bard Winery
Inside the Red Barn we found a welcoming atmosphere for tasting and a wide selection of wines that are made on site. This isn’t Napa Valley of course, nor is it trying to be. Tennessee wines have their own unique history and distinct taste. In fact, winemaking in Tennessee was purely a bootlegging industry after prohibition laws were in place after commercial wine production ceased. Not until recent decades have wineries begun to produce native varieties again for commercial sale. After my second time coming to Red Barn, I can confirm that it offers some of the best in Tennessee.

Leaving the picturesque vineyard, we then ventured to our final destination. The history of the Thomas House is interlaced with that of Red Boiling Springs which began as a resort town during the Victorian era. The location owed its popularity to the belief that local mineral springs had curative properties and restorative health benefits. Once boasting more than a dozen hotels, dance halls and an amusement park, it's popularity continued to roar through the 20's and 30's as a get-away for the well-to-do of society. However, the postwar era brought its decline as transportation to other places became easier with the new interstate system. Except for a small resurgence in the 1950’s its decay was steady until a flood all but destroyed the town in 1969.
Thomas House

The Thomas House is intriguing to say the least. It’s widely known for its paranormal activity, making it a frequent destination for researchers of the paranormal. It was even the location for an investigation which was featured in an episode of Sy Fi Channel’s Paranormal State. The building itself dates to 1890 and exists on the site of a previous hotel. An all brick structure, it has two floors and countless rooms to explore, mostly decorated in the flamboyant style of the Victorian era. Several rooms are also dedicated to various themes like ‘Gone with the Wind’, one full of antique Christmas decorations, still another one is full of children’s toys.

Gone with the Wind Room
We made reservations on a night when they were hosting a group of swing dancers which contributed to the timeless atmosphere of the hotel. After dancing we sat and talked with the Cole family who has owned the hotel since 1993. They relayed to us a number of strange encounters with apparitions that appeared to be living people only to disappear from sight. Unfortunately we had no experiences ourselves that could be characterized as paranormal.

This sort of destination isn’t for everyone. If you are too easily freaked out, require five star accommodations or enjoy the music of Ke$ha and Lil’ Wayne then you probably won’t get the beauty of this place. But the adventurer, the wine connoisseur or the artist will all find something here that captivates and refreshes them, much as it did for those who were looking for an escape more than a century ago.

Room at the Thomas House

Creepy Swimming pool

Donaho Hotel

Spring House behind Donaho Hotel


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

'Survivor Man' Les Stroud talks about his Bigfoot encounters!

While the case for Bigfoot's existence continues to get stronger, many still believe Bigfoot to be a hoax or a case of mistaken identity. But, you wont convince Survivor Man Les Stroud that Bigfoot is a myth. Not only is he a believer, he has had two encounters of his own! Watch his interview below to hear about his amazing story.

The US and Russian Government believe...

It seems the U.S. government didn't want to take any chances. According to a recently uncovered memo issued in 1959 by the U.S. Embassy in Nepal, there were a set of regulations specifically for the American expeditions searching for the Yeti near Mt. Everest. I’ll bet those men weren't wearing skinny jeans either. Academics in Russia also take the matter seriously. Dr. Igor Burtsev of Kemerovo State University and about 30 other scientists, recently established a Yeti research institute following an expedition to southern Siberia where the locals claim the beasts are devouring livestock.Stories abound in this region about a creature referred to as an almasti that is identical to the Bigfoot which is spotted throughout North America.

Denying the possible existence of giant primates also contradicts what we know about prehistory. Anthropologists have identified the remains of primates like the gigantopithecus, which is estimated to have been 8-9 feet tall and lived contemporary with homo erectus and modern humans. Although most scientists believe that Gigantowalked on all fours, others observe the shape of the jawbone and believe the windpipe entered through the bottom of the skull. This would facilitate an erect posture. In other words, it may have walked upright.

Furthermore, estimates of Giganto’s brain are comparable to ours. Since giant apes with big brains have lived before, why is it difficult to believe that similar creatures may still exist? The mountain gorilla of Africa was considered a myth until it’s discovery in 1902. Descriptions and photographic evidence we have of Bigfoot make it probable that it’s brain may be twice the size of the gorilla. Isn't it reasonable to assume that a small population could avoid detection 99.9% of the time? Watch the video below for more on giganto.

What I've briefly outlined here won't convince most skeptics who have their minds made up. But for those of you who are willing to take what I've said here and do your own research you might begin to see where the notion of these large ape species isn't far fetched at all.  In fact the belief in these creatures is an accepted part of nature from the perspective of virtually every indigenous group on the planet. Among these people there is no debate. Taking this into perspective and the historical belief in Bigfoot the world over, the skeptics are actually in the minority. Open your eyes and do your homework.

Real men hunt Bigfoot!

Chasing monsters has been a time-honored tradition since civilization began and I love a good monster hunt. It's one of my passions.  But seeking a close encounter with a “manimal” isn't for the nancy-boys who game their lives away playing video games. After all, real men hunt Bigfoot.  It requires, a willingness to navigate some of the roughest terrain and endure all types of weather conditions, not to mention primitive living conditions. My own research has taken me to some of the most isolated places in the United States often miles from pavement or any cell signal. The hunt is no place for those who aren't committed. It takes a dedicated explorer.

 I want to be clear on one final item. I may carry weapons on virtually every investigation I conduct. But  I don’t support killing  a Bigfoot to prove their existence. My use of the word hunter is my own way of rebelling against those who hate the term "Bigfoot hunter" because of the predatory connotation but really don't care. Monster hunter just sounds more exciting.  Now I also realize a handful (more like 30+) are rumored to have been shot by people over the years who felt they were in danger and even by a few rednecks.  But like most researchers my partner and I are mainly seeking high quality video evidence and heat-mapping activity so the weapons we carry are purely for self-defense from hostile creatures other than Bigfoot. You don’t bring a 10 pound bucket of chittlins into the wilderness to attract bunnies. Both bears and cougars have even been reported in some of the areas where I go, so firepower is a must. Besides, some in the field are beginning to discuss the idea that BF isn't a "normal" critter and as of February of 2013 I began investigating some cases which point in that direction. I'll be filling everyone in on my latest research involving a connection between UFO's a Bigfoot in a later post but as of now I'm chasing down leads and witnesses which can be a slow process.

Keep exploring!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Inside the Haunted Hospital of Murfreesboro

The Haunted Hospital of Murfreesboro

With the old Middle Tennessee Medical Center of Murfreesboro Tennessee now completely destroyed it’s a good time to share about my investigation of a place that I consider one of Murfreesboro’s most haunted. After all they can't sue me for trespassing in a place that isn't there right? At least I hope not.

Originally built in the 1920’s, it saw its share of patients come and go. However, some of these patients, it seems, have never actually left. Several medical professionals who worked at the hospital have witnessed things that can only be described as paranormal. They will share accounts of everything from objects floating across the hallways to ghosts that come to visit dying patients in the cancer ward.

My own experiences with the hospital are also quite eerie. In fact, while in college I used to deliver medicine to the hospital every night around 3 a.m. One night I delivered the wrong diagnostic medicine to a lab on the first floor. When I discovered my mistake, I went back to the lab and found the case containing the medicine had been opened, and the dose was lying on the floor. Nobody was ever working in that lab at 3 in the morning, and I had not even been out of the room for 5 minutes before returning.

During the early phases of demolition, I began to hear rumors that paranormal activity in the facility had increased dramatically. In an off-the-record conversation with a hospital official, I was even told that more than one security firm had been frightened away by all the ghostly events. Did the hospital’s demise aggravate the spirits that remained in the old building?

Recognizing that I had only a short time to investigate before the entire building would be gone forever, I began planning a self-guided tour. After all, two of my daughters were born there, and it wouldn’t be the first time I’ve had to sneak into the hospital. I had also done so the night my wife was in labor. The entire hospital was put on lockdown because a man had just shot himself in the head outside the emergency room. One more troubled spirit joined the club of restless souls that evening.

Inside the old MTMC
The night we chose to explore the old building, it was cool but dry and perfect for a creepy foray into the unknown. We entered the hospital through an open ground-floor entrance. The three of us, with our cameras and flashlights, moved about carefully as we walked and listened. Very few places are more scary than an abandoned hospital. Imagine floor after floor of rooms that served as host to the neverending symphony of human experience and emotion ranging from childbirth and joy to lives ending in the throes of agony and depression. I briefly split from the group with these thoughts in my head and rounded the corner of a wide hallway when suddenly the image of a horribly deformed baby crawling toward me in the dark entered my mind so vividly that I almost question whether or not I imagined it at all. It’s my innermost fear. I’ll fight wild animals, bigfoot or angry voodoo zombies but deformed ghost-children are where I draw the line. Finally, I was able to clear my mind and rejoin the others as if nothing had happened. No ghost-baby. No problems. So we finished looking around, and we left as quietly as we came. Unfortunately, our investigation yielded no verifiable evidence of paranormal activity. No EVP, no voices and no visual contact with anything paranormal.

It will be interesting to watch what happens in the future when the site is reopened, hopefully, as a park or green space. Will the spirits continue to roam the place where the hospital once stood? We will see.

Spanish Version

El hospital embrujado de Murfreesboro

Con el viejo Middle Tennessee Medical Center ahora completamente en ruinas es un buen momento para compartir sobre mi investigación de un lugar que considero uno de Murfreesboro más embrujado. Originalmente construido en la década de 1920 vio su cuota de pacientes fluctuar Sin embargo, parece que algunos de estos pacientes realmente nunca han marchado. Varios profesionales médicos que trabajaron en el hospital han sido testigos de cosas que sólo pueden describirse como paranormales. Tienen en común haber visto de todo, desde objetos flotantes a través de los pasillos a fantasmas que vienen a visitar a pacientes moribundos en el pabellón de cáncer.

Mis propias experiencias con el hospital también son bastante inquietantes. De hecho, mientras en el la Universidad yo trabajaba entregando medicamentos al hospital cada noche alrededor de las 3 a.m. Una noche entregó el medicamento equivocado de diagnóstico a un laboratorio en el primer piso.Cuando descubrí mi error volví al laboratorio y encontré que el caso que contiene la medicina había sido abierto y la dosis estaba en el suelo. Nadie trabajaba alguna vez en aquel laboratorio a las 3 de la mañana y yo ni había estado fuera de la habitación 5 minutos antes de regresar.

Durante las primeras fases de demolición empecé a oír los rumores de que actividad paranormal en el establecimiento había aumentado de manera espectacular. En una conversación privada que tuve con un funcionario del hospital el funcionario indicó que dos empresas de seguridad había sido amedrentados por todos los acontecimientos fantasmales.Es posible que la demolición del hospital se agravaba los espíritus que siguieron en el viejo edificio?

Reconociendo que yo sólo tenía un poco de tiempo para investigar antes de que todo el edificio se ha ido para siempre, me empezó a planificar un recorrido autoguiado. Después de todo, dos de mis hijas nacieron allí y no sería la primera vez que tuve que de entrar a escondidas en el hospital. También lo había hecho la noche en que mi esposa estaba de parto. Todo el hospital fue cerrado con llave porque un hombre disparó un tiro en su cabeza fuera de la sala de emergencias. Uno espíritu turbado más se unió al club de almas inquietas esa noche.

La noche que decidimos explorar el viejo edificio hacia frío pero era seco y perfecto para una incursión en lo desconocido. Entramos en el hospital a través de una entrada de planta que estaba abierta. Los tres, con nuestras cámaras y linternas se trasladaron cuidadosamente caminado y escuchado. Muy pocos lugares son más terrorificos que un hospital abandonado.

Imagínese piso tras piso de habitaciones que servían como anfitrión de la interminable sinfonía de la experiencia humana y todas las emociones que van desde el parto y la alegría hasta la agonía de algunos que terminan su vida, la cantidad de angustia y de muerte. Brevemente me separó del grupo con estos pensamientos en mi cabeza y redondear la esquina de un ancho pasillo cuando de repente la imagen de un bebé horriblemente deformado arrastrándose hacia mí en la oscuridad entra en mi mente tan vívidamente que casi pregunto si era mi imaginación o era cierto. Es mi temor más íntimo.

Lucharé con animales salvajes, bigfoot o zombies de vudú pero niños muertos y deformes son donde se encuentra mi límite. Finalmente borre la imagen de mi mente y volvi a los otros como si nada hubiera pasado. No bebé. No hay problemas. Así que terminamos mirando alrededor y dejamos como tranquilamente como llegamos. Lamentablemente, nuestra investigación había arrojado ninguna evidencia verificable de actividad paranormal.

Será interesante ver lo que pasa en el futuro cuando el sitio es reabierto ojalá como un parque o espacio verde. ¿Seguirán los espíritus a ocupar el lugar donde alguna vez estuvo el hospital? Vamos a ver.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Losing Bigfoot: Is the discovery of Sasquatch a Pandora's box?

 The Bigfoot  phenomenon is all the rage right now and is the subject of numerous websites, documentaries and even a reality TV series  called Finding Bigfoot featured on the Animal Planet.

I may not have my own investigative reality TV series but what I do have is a wild curiosity for the unknown and a camera. In September of 2012  I traveled to Newton County, Arkansas, after learning my relatives own property in a mountainous area bordering a national park that is known to be a hotspot for Bigfoot. What I found on my solo camping adventure was eye-opening.

Wishing at first to avoid contact with locals I made camp in an isolated hollow with no cell phone service and 10 miles from any paved roads. It was prime squatching territory with a myriad of indicators that nightfall would be interesting. However, after a day of exploring, a storm forced me to move my camp early. My vehicle barely made it up the rocky hill. The rain was making the trail muddy and almost left me stranded. So I continued my search elsewhere for signs of Sasquatch.

Between hikes through the dense forest I explored the nearby community asking questions at opportune moments. Having a connection to the area helped open conversations and I was able to get a handful of witnesses to speak to me about their experiences with Bigfoot. What I uncovered was a surprise. One couple I spoke with has owned real estate in the area for 30 years. They said that on several occasions they saw a 9-foot “person” covered in hair but didn't report it. Several of their guests had also seen the creature. Two gentlemen I met at a local café said they had seen it cross the river last winter. Whenever I asked about reporting these incidents a fascinating theme emerged. They didn’t fail to report out of fear of being ridiculed. Instead they believed that if the authorities were to find out, life would change.

Would recognition by mainstream science of a large primate in North America force unwanted changes on Americans? Once Bigfoot is found, we cannot lose him.  In order to manage and protect Bigfoot’s natural habitat land in many regions where Sasquatch lives could be taken using the Endangered Species Act through eminent domain as has been the case for thousands of Americans in the past. Furthermore, a beast having characteristics so similar to that of humans you might even have some trying to put it on food stamps and section 8 housing.

To make matters more interesting, it was suggested by one witness that spoke with me that enough photo evidence has been suppressed that if revealed it would “make a believer out of anyone.” I have no reason to doubt what I was being told and the attitude of this particular witness seemed pretty indifferent to whether or not I believed the tale or not.

Thus it seems the tendency on the part of some locals to avoid the topic, suppress information or simply not report sightings serves as a bulwark to change. Add to this the commercial interests like the logging industry which might be impacted. The result is a coalition of silence working against official discovery.

On the hunt...
What I have uncovered here isn't news to the Bigfoot research community. But the public needs to know that there are many credible eyewitnesses who don’t come forward because the discovery of a new species where they live isn't a good thing for them. Since I have family who could also be affected by this discovery I understand the complexity somewhat better than some who are unconnected. It may just be a horrible Pandora's box that society can never shut. The fact of the matter is that once we find Bigfoot, we won't lose him again. We will be forced to reckon with a host of implications which will be both costly and controversial. What will it cost the taxpayer? What will be the laws that govern human-Bigfoot interaction?

 The price of finally acknowledging Bigfoot as a species will be high in many regards. That being said  the recognition of Bigfoot is inevitable and some say overdue. In any case it must coincide with protection for the little guys. By little guys of course I mean homo sapiens . The 9-foot super-primate with night vision has the proven ability to protect themselves without government help or food stamps.

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