Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Another dead Bigfoot rumor???

Here we go folks. This week oe of my favorite blogs ( posted on a rumor involving the possible killing of a Bigfoot in Pennsylvania. The source which is unamed (of course) is reporting that information regarding the event was gathered via ham radio and constists of the following:

  • On the morning of May 14th a ham operator heard the state and local police   confirm a body over the public channel.
  • Then it was overheard on a private channel #4 U.S.
  • Army helicopters were seen flying in the direction of the incident.
  • Our source currently has 3 investigators and a well-known researcher en route as well as talking to State Police and to see if the media has gotten word.
  • 911 says there was a call
  • A local investigator talked to the ham operator and listened to the recordings. They believe it's legit.

This is of course ALL unconfirmed rumor which is perfectly normal in the Bigfoot/Sasquatch investigating world. I of course remain skeptical but still keeping my fingers crossed for a BIG " I TOLD YOU SO" moment . Wait. No not a moment.  More like a week of manic FB and blog posts gloating about having been right the whole time about the existence of these creatures. We will stay tuned and see what happens!

Could you pull the trigger?

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

High Strangeness

On my way to Seattle by plane and so I think it’s a great time to begin my next post during my layover in Dallas…
 High strangeness  is the only way I have to describe my latest investigation.  It seems that the deeper I explore  the Bigfoot enigma the more things seem to surface which point to a direct connection with the UFO phenomenon. I realize this sounds ridiculous. Most people have a difficult time believing in these two things separately much less together. I’m not sure what to make of it either. But I’m not the only one out here running into this. Here’s what  I have thus far.
 I began this month with a midnight investigation of a place in Dekalb County Tennessee where UFO’s and Bigfoot have been sighted. We  don’t see anything out of the ordinary except for a few falling stars that were pretty amazing. That same week I also made it a point to seek out other similar cases and identified  a number of them across the county. One of these involved some amazingly bizzar details and  was published on a website by a well-respected investigator. I was able to get a message in to him to contact me and he introduced my to a friend of the experiencers named Don Odom.
 According to Don Odom,  the ongoing case involves the UFO abduction of several members of one family near Alexandria, TN as well as close contact and apparent communication with sasquatch type creatures which appear to be under the operational control or close partnership with a race of extraterrestrials believed to be the “grays”.
The experiencers report numerous encounters with floating orbs, Bigfoot and spacecraft around their property and believe themselves to have been used for a reproductive program to create hybrid alien-humans aboard space crafts. In addition to receiving information regarding advanced propulsion technology they have recently reported that they were warned of several asteroids that will soon impact our planet by an orb which refers to itself as St. Germaine.  According to the message conveyed by the extraterrestrials, one of these asteroids will hit in Venezuela and the other will impact somewhere in the Pacific, setting off a chain of seismic events and result in major Earth changes and destruction.
I going to grab coffee with Don soon and see what evidence he can present as well as try and arrange a meeting with the experiencers themselves.

Looking around me at the airport I see all the busy professionals traveling to and from various destinations, focused on the mundane and banal aspects of life on Earth.  The world I live in is much different. I’m still not convinced which is better. But unless they find themselves pulled from their beds in the middle of the night by some mysterious force or catch a glimpse of the unknown on a dark deserted highway, most will remain oblivious.


So a week ago I was contacted by the father of the family that was the original experiencer of these phenomenon. His name is Charles and we spoke by phone for about 45 minutes. During the phone call we experienced a number of electronic disturbances and were even cut off completely and I had to call him back. I felt that was odd. At key parts of the conversation his voice faded into a crackle and every time I asked for clarification the same thing would occur.

Charlie believes himself to have been part of an breeding experiment or project. He says that his abduction experiences have included intercourse with many beautiful women on board the spacecraft. One striking feature about his entire story is that after  he underwent a vasectomy his participation in the breeding project ceased and his abductions stopped at once.  His wife, who is also an abductee reports that her own experiences decreased once she had a hysterectomy .

I am continuing to follow this case and plan to conduct an interview in person at some point in the near future...