Tuesday, June 18, 2013

No more writing... for a while

I think I'll stop writing for a while and just do my thing which is explore and investigate odd and interesting things in order to satisfy my savage curiosity.  I've discovered that I'm not really a writer. Instead, I'm a doer that sometimes writes about what I do. Let's just see what happens shall we?

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Summer Safaris for the Suburban Man

As Published in the June 2013 Edition of the Murfreesboro Post

For those with a passion for adventure, summer is a prime season for having just that. It’s a time for travel and exploration both abroad and in our own backyard.  Unfortunately, many guys have slid into a sedentary rhythm of work or study that has left them soft and unfulfilled. Man-boobs and obesity are on the rise and testosterone-fueled excursions have often been supplanted by video games, music, movies and online entertainment.

I may have just sounded like Captain Judge-Much here, and I’m aware that not all of you lads are pathetic. But whatever your  case may be,  all men need action periodically. Gentlemen, it’s time for a safari. That means doing something a little dangerous. I don’t mean the foolhardy stunts you did as a teenager, but real sporting activities off the beaten path. I’m talking about testing your wits and honing your skills in the great outdoors.  Let’s take a look at some of my favorites that may inspire you. So grow a mustache, grab your gear and let’s go!

Take a canoeing expedition where there are alligators. That’s right: alligators. Anyone can take a canoe trip. But gators in the water bring the excitement level up a bit, and if you bring your camera, maybe you can get some impressive photos to show the guys back home. Despite the fact that alligator attacks have been on the rise in recent decades, alligator mississippiensis is a shy creature and rarely attacks humans, unlike its deadly cousin, the crocodile. Plan B: If you live too far from alligator-infested waters to make such a trip, then invite a cute girl and tell her there are alligators. Unless she is a biology major this should work to your advantage.

Explore a cave. I find exploring caves to be both physically challenging and a great way to stay cool in the summer heat.  Some caving experts would call this bad advice if you aren’t an experienced caver.  But people have been exploring caves for thousands of years, and most were not members of any grotto society or a spelunking club. Bring proper equipment, don’t go alone, and use common sense. Don’t know of any caves to explore? There are plenty of caves, such as Mammoth Cave in Kentucky and Cumberland Caverns here in Middle Tennessee, offering tours which will challenge your body and your wits.

Go bear watching! Bears are fun animals to watch in the wild. Their smelly presence alone is enough to cause a slight adrenaline rush in most people.  Practice your wildlife photography skills by capturing a few shots at a safe distance. Find out where the closest habitat is for bears and plan a camping trip. Bring a camera and lots of food to attract these furry beasts. Again, use common sense when around bears.

No list of summer safaris for the manly adventurer would be complete without recommending a good old-fashioned hunting expedition. Theodore Roosevelt and Ernest Hemingway would both agree that little compares to the excitement of putting your archery or rifle skills to the test by killing ferocious animals. Of course, not everyone has the time and resources to book a safari in South Africa. But a number of places in the interior of the U.S. have summer hunting seasons for wild boar, coyote and varmints. A hog skull with razor-sharp tusks is a great conversation piece for any man’s living room. Texas, Louisiana and Mississippi come to mind as good destinations for a mid-summer hunting safari.

What are you waiting for?


tart planning your own safari, and keep exploring!