Thursday, September 5, 2013

Video of live Wooly Mammoth sighting in 1943

                                                    (Near Yakutsk city, Sakha Republic, Siberia 1943)  

After the Battle of Stalingrad during WWII, Nazi Party member and photographer for the NSDAP, Holger Hildebrand, was captured by the Red Army. He and thousands of other Wehrmacht soldiers were subsequently sent on a death march to lovely Siberia; this footage is believed  to have been taken during that march through the Siberian Taiga. Hildebrand is believed to have died as a prisoner of war at a Soviet gulag (forced labor camp) in  1945. According to the story his granddaughter came into possession of the footage when his belongings were repatriated to Germany from Russia many decades after his death.

Is it real? I certainly hope so. It's all the  more  reason to take an expedition to Russia. The first of course being the Siberian Snowman a.k.a. the Almasti which is believed to be the Russian cousin of the North American Bigfoot. If any region on Earth were capable of supporting Mammoths and Giant Apes it's Siberia. I know that some are saying that this is a hoax and it could be. If you find out before I do leave a comment.