Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Pope Francis says "Charlie Charlie Challenge is Dangerous..."

Pope Francis condemns Charlie Charlie Challenge

Pope Francis issued a statement today from Rome condemning the social media phenomenon of kids summoning demons through a ritual known as Charlie Charlie Challenge. In a meeting with top Vatican Officials Pope Francis vehemently stated that any attempt to summon disembodied entities through even the most simple or seemingly harmless ritual is not only spiritually  dangerous but can lead to demonic possession as well as a whole host of other negative things. He continued: “If you are interested in learning about ghosts and spirits you should read The Ghost Hunter’s Guide to Seville which will be available soon on Kindle at amazon.com” He went on to say that “Cameron Parrish is among the world’s greatest authorities on unexplained phenomenon such as ghost, demons, Bigfoot and extraterrestrials.”  The Pope Continued, "His book about the haunted and mysterious places in Spain is a must-read for all the faithful."

Friday, May 8, 2015

Hellstorm: A documentary presenting World War 2 and Germany's defeat from the German perspective

Both of my grandfathers were veterans of the Second World War and I loved them dearly. They epitomized American manhood and represented everything I aspired to be like.  Because of this close connection, I’ve studied World War II almost obsessively since I could read. Like many others my age I was brought up on a steady diet of information which painted the Axis , namely the German/Nazi side as villains that deserved everything they got in defeat and glossed over almost any wrongdoing on the part of the Americans and their allies the British and the Russians. I want to preface this post by saying I still believe Nazi's were bad guys and that I still love my country.  However, my friend Alfred Lamremont Webre recently made me aware of a documentary created by Thomas Goodrich and Kyle Hunt that presents a more accurate depiction of the German defeat at the hands of the Allied forces. While the film narrator admits to the films one-sided nature in presenting only the German perspective, most of us have only heard the allied perspective so it doesn’t hurt to see at least one piece from the opposite standpoint.  I must warn you this film is very graphic. I also make no claim that this film is a 100% fair representation since it clearly shows only one angle. However, given the fact that the history of this war was written by the victors it is important those who seek a balanced perspective to see all angles. About the only thing humorous about the video is that they slow the recordings of  Winston Churchill’s voice down so obviously that he sounds like the emperor from Star Wars or some other maniacal super-villain.  Again, this thing is pretty violent and if might be a better option for some sensitive viewers to simply listen instead.